łιѕα яєиєє ツ (apologiize) wrote in screwdriver,
łιѕα яєиєє ツ

High Quality Pictures: click
Color Scheme: purples, pinks, blues, I don't mind, something girlie. =o]
Text: Love me, Hate me, Just don't fuck with me.
Font: Any kind of pixel for the small text, & something like Adler for the larger.
Font URL (If needed): http://www.dafont.com/search.php?q=adler
Tagged?: yes please, with lostinxparadise.
Anything Else?: Could fuck be bigger then the rest of the text? Also, If the text doesn't fit, then just let me know, I'll try to think of something else.. ♥

Thanks hun! =o]
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